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       Zhuzhou Southern Valve Co.,Ltd (hereafter called “company” or “ZSV”) is authorized as China Torch Program Enterprise. The company has been dedicated in safety of water supply for 20 years, providing water supply safety system solutions and equipment for water diversion safety projects. We are also global famous supplier of complete set solutions for water hammer problem and the manufacturer with capacity to manufacture  various series water valves of big diameter and high pressure. Our products have been used in different fields such as water resources, municipal water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, industrial water cycle, construction water supply and drainage, thermal power and hydro power stations. In September,2015, the company was listed in National Equities Exchanges with stock code of 833678, which marks the company entered capital market and laid the capital foundation for future product financing.

     Based on water supply safety field, the company is dedicated to system service for water industry safety and high efficiency exploitation and utilization of water resources, pursuing to be the most competitive enterprise of international fluid field. To maintain industry leading developing position and long-term competitive advantages, the company has continuously paid close attention to development of global leading technology and keep up with international leading technology development, employed high-tech personnel from abroad, and invested in R&D sector with high investment ratio. On on hand, the company continuously strengthens her technology researches, and has owned 27 patents(7 of which are invention patents), compiled 12 industry standards as editor-in-chief(11 of which has been implemented) and 36 national standards as main participant.      Successively set up Enterprise Academicians Work Station, New Valve Hunan Engineering Research Center, Hunan Provincial Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, and planning to build “the sub-branch agency of state key laboratory of river basin water cycle simulation and adjustment and control--R&D test facility for adjustment and control components”. On the other hand, ZSV also lays emphasis on technology cooperation with specialists at home and abroad, employing valve specialists from abroad to guide technology research. “Zhuhua-ASTRI smart water laboratory” has been established to research water meter reading system and pressure management system.

    ZSV successively undertook the development of 2 research projects on the Applied Technology of National Energy, 4 National Key New Product Projects, and presided over 2 National Torch Plans, 1 National Innovation Foundation Key Projects, 4 Provincial Torch Plans, 4 Provincial Awards for Sci-Tech Progress. In recent 10 years, 10 products have passed the national and ministerial appraisal, with 3 leading internationally and 6 advancing internationally.

    In the future, with issuing of state policies such as Made-in-China 2025,Supply-side Structural Reform,Green Manufacture,Service-oriented Manufacturing, ZSV put the industry upgrading from product to smart manufacturing system as strategic goal for the coming five years, to break through traditional valve manufacturing field and step into sun rising industries such as “smart water, urban pipelines, sponge city” industries, and use our technology advantages, industry resources and brand effect to build an integrated strategic union of design, construction, equipment contractor, services.

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