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Adjustable Pressure Reduction Valve

This kind of value can be installed on the water pipe network, which can reduce the pressure in the upper reaches of the water pipe to be the working pressure in the lower reaches that conforms to the requirement for use. No mater how the pressure in the upper reaches and the flow changes, the preset pressure in the lower reaches will keep stable.

a. Reliable pressure reduction. An independent pressure feedback system is fixed externally, which is controlled through the hydraulic principle. The outlet pressure is not affected by the inlet pressure and the flow variation. The value can reduce not only the dynamic pressure but the static pressure.
b. Convenient operation and adjusting. You just need to regulate the adjustment bolt on the guide value in order to get the precise and stable outlet pressure.
c. Better for saving energy. The resistance loss is less for the advance design.
d. Key parts are made of special materials, almost maintenance free.

3.Technical parameters
a. Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa,1.6MPa,2.5MPa,4.0MPa
b. Outlet pressure: PN1.0MPa Adjustment range: 0.1~0.8MPa
                              PN1.6MPa Adjustment range: 0.21.4MPa
                              PN2.5MPa Adjustment range: 0.32.0Mpa
                              PN4.0MPa Adjustment range: 1.03.5Mpa
c. Engaging pressure: 0.05MPa
d. Applicable medium: clean water
e. Applicable temperature: 080


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